About Blanknote

The story of the BLANKNOTE workshop began in 2011 with the production of handmade notebooks. Later, our main focus shifted to accessories made from genuine leather. Initially, these were small items: wallets, cardholders, and document covers. Then, we introduced key holders, and slightly later, our first bags with backpacks.

leather bags production process

We have come a long way from a small workshop to a well-known brand. Today, Blanknote is a renowned manufacturer of leather bags. Our brand is recognized not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders. We have a large team of people who are sincerely passionate about their craft. We are delighted to receive numerous positive reviews from our customers every day.

Why choose BLANKNOTE as your leading manufacturer of leather bags?

  • All our products are handmade by the best craftsmen in Ukraine.
  • We maintain strict control over production and material selection.
  • Our accessories boast a timeless, minimalist design that remains relevant despite the whims of contemporary fashion.
  • We value each of our customers and strive to find an individual approach.

We aim to create practical and beautiful items for life that will accentuate the refined style of the owner.

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